Transparent, Verifiable and Factual Approach

OAdeo e-Voting Solution

OAdeo has been used in numerous electronic elections with 100% success rate. The unique design of OAdeo allows you to check the smooth running of the electoral process without the need to trust the system designer.


OAdeo ensures the secrecy of the vote, but also the integrity of the whole process. There is no need to blindly trust the service supplier nor the organizer of the election.


A strong security at the level of the ballot forms. Nobody will ever be able to open a ballot form.



By default, a strong authentication system with the possibility to use the logins of the organizer.



It is not necessary to trust us: election servers only host public data. We do not have access to the content of the ballots.



Mathematical and inalienable validation of the entire process. The organizer will be able, if necessary, to provide indisputable proof of the smooth running of the election to whom it may concern at any time.



BlueKrypt guarantees a high-level security in its internal processes through normative evaluation (OpenSAMM and ISO27000) and does not externalize any part of the development of OAdeo.



OAdeo follows good practices on privacy aspects, including the principles of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Our project managers are trained as data protection officers (DPO).


OAdeo is suited for any type of election. Our solution can be deployed and integrated on the client's system, in SaaS (software as a service) in our data centres or even in a public cloud system.

Social Elections

A social election is a special period in the life of your company. We will accompany you in the organisation of this ballot with an easy solution, OAdeo, in full respect of the legislation....

Political Elections

Carrying out elections on site is often complex and very costly, especially for expatriate voting. OAdeo allows better democratic representation and guarantees the reliability of the results....

Association Elections

Involve all the members of an organization by allowing, in particular, to use electronic voting in addition to paper voting. OAdeo e-voting solution increases the participation rate while reducing costs....

Surveys & Consultations

A sensitive subject may lead to a non-representative survey of the reality. Thanks to OAdeo's confidentiality level, people will have the necessary confidence to express their ideas....

University Elections

Be able to manage an election with voters who are not always present on the campus, with different time zones. Simplify the organization while taking into account a large number of users....

Company Meetings

Organizing meetings of shareholders or directors is often full of constraints. The electronic voting solution OAdeo simplifies the process and allows you to concentrate on the agenda....

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OAdeo is a transparent, verifiable and factual approach of electronic ballot.
Icon Reliability


An unlimited number of voters and candidates

Icon User-Friendly


Clear interfaces to be used in confidence

Icon Security


A transparent security for the voter

Icon Support


Adapted to the specific needs of each company

Icon Compliant


Respect of the judicial rules of the election

Icon Verifiable


Validation of the electoral process by anyone at any time


OAdeo e-Voting Solution is currently distributed by the BlueKrypt company.